February 16,2018

For many of the Honda manufacturing facilities or plants we service, we provide just-in-time logistics solutions. Essentially, this means that we deliver the parts Honda needs exactly when they need them and exactly where they need them. In this way, the assembly line is able to run smoothly and resources are not wasted in the storing of excess parts. We have found that the implementation of just-in-time solutions has greatly increased Honda efficiency.

Today, our just-in-time solutions allow us to minimize the need to warehouse parts within the plant. This saves many steps in the journey of parts to the assembly line and, as we know, every step saved in the assembly process is significant.

Implementing just-in-time logistics solutions did pose some challenges for us. One of the most significant hurdles to overcome was the stark decrease of “back up” parts. Since parts are only brought to the line precisely when they are needed, there is not a supply of spare parts that can be used in the case of a failure of the logistics system. As a result, one delayed truck could potentially result in the stoppage of the assembly line. For this reason, excellent communication throughout the supply chain and the flexibility to adapt to problems without delay is a key component to successful just-in-time logistics management. We are grateful that the amazing teams at HLNA and the Honda plants we service have helped us to develop a well-oiled system that has never let us down.

We’re looking forward to continuing to develop fully-optimized logistics solutions. In partnership with Honda Manufacturing, we are confident that we’ll continue to set the curve for operational efficiency. Together, we will chase perfection each day.

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