July 30,2018

As a part of the Honda family, we are always seeking new ways to work with Honda Manufacturing to improve their efficiency, to decrease their cost-per-unit, and to lead the way toward a more sustainable future. We are pleased to share that the introduction of reusable crates has allowed us to assist the Honda family in each of these criteria.

When we introduced reusable crates, we found that they increased the overall efficiency of our logistics operations. These crates reduce the time that is required to pack parts for transit and the time that is required to unpack them once they reach their destination. They also decrease the number of spare parts that must be kept in case of damage during shipment, as the interlocking reusable crates prevent the shifting of freight that can cause damage. We are proud to have introduced a solution that has greatly increased the efficiency of both HLNA and Honda operations.

We know that a decreased cost-per-unit is a victory for every member of the Honda family and we’re thrilled that our reusable crates have reduced the CPU of Honda manufacturing. These crates cut costs by reducing our use of packing materials, such as shrink wrap and bubble wrap, and by decreasing the frequency of damaged parts, thanks to their interlocking technology.

The Honda family is committed to creating a sustainable future. The implementation of reusable crates has taken us one step closer to this goal. These crates reduce the waste of packing materials and prevent single-use boxes and crates from ending up in a landfill after just one use.

In total, the introduction of reusable crates to our logistics operations has proven to be an excellent choice for HLNA and Honda as a whole. Doing so has helped us to increase Honda efficiency, to decrease their CPU, and to take us closer to the sustainable future we are all working towards.

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