Our Roots Run Deep

Honda’s unique cultural and business values and HLNA values are not just similar –they are one in the same. We are proud to embody the characteristics, work ethic, and spirit of such an innovative, global company.

Embracing Equality & Cleanliness

Walk into any Honda plant and you will see every employee—from CEO to janitor—clad in a crisp white smock. That’s because Honda’s founder Soichiro Honda always wore white—it’s on white that dirt can easily be seen—to promote a culture of cleanliness, one of Honda’s highest values. Requiring the uniform of every employee also promotes equality, unity, and identification with the company. So, at HLNA we also wear white—it helps us respect each other, our jobs, and the mission of our founder.

Multi-cultural Influence

Japan is more than just the birthplace of our founder and our company. With frequent visitors and representatives from Japan, we strive to bring our cultures together and build lasting relationships. We encourage our employees to learn about Japanese language and culture through twice yearly classes and many take great pride in learning Japanese greetings and numbers.

Honda philosophy lives here.

The Honda philosophy, which is uniquely derived from Japanese values and culture, is a part of everything we do at HLNA.

The Joy of Buying

is our customers’ joy, achieved by providing products and services that exceed expectations.

The Joy of Selling

is our sellers’ joy, achieved by developing relationships with customers and taking pride in representing Honda

The Joy of Creating

is our manufacturers’ joy, achieved by creating quality products and experiences


thinking creatively, without preconceive notions, and taking responsibility for our actions


treating others fairly and respecting our differences


mutual trust among all associates, created by recognizing each other as individuals, offering help and asking for help, and sharing our knowledge to get the job done

“continuous improvement,” this is our methodology for improvement at HLNA. It is made up of three principals, Gemba (the place), Gembutsu (the product), and Genjitsu (the facts) that guide critical thinking and ensure quality. Managers make sure they are getting first-hand knowledge by being present, assessing products and processes, and determining the facts in any situation.

An acronym we all stand for.


Safety for our
employees in all


Getting the right part
to the right place
at the right time,
so Honda can deliver


products at a
reasonable price


Efficient delivery
and service


How we treat
and develop our


Leaving a good footprint
for the next generation

It’s a lot of letters, but essential to how we work at HLNA

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